There are three main colours of Ouessant Sheep. These are Black, Caramel (Brown) and White.


There is quite a variance between the number of different coloured Ouessants registered in the UK, with white and caramel Ouessants being particularly uncommon. This can be seen from the figures below, which are as per the official Ouessant Sheep Society of Great Britain flock book, as at the 23rd July 2017 (excludes castrated males).







These figures will be updated at intervals in line with the flockbook.


With these numbers in mind, we have decided to focus on breeding mostly caramel (brown) and white ouessants. To this end we have tried to better understand sheep colour genetics and have produced a chart that can be found on our FAQs page to assist us


Please Meet Our Flock Below

Our Flock

Our White Ouessant Sheep

We started our flock in November 2015 and quickly discovered that white ouessants are not

that common, as can be seen from the figures above.

White Ouessant Ewe - Rose

White Ouessant Ewe - Heather

White Ouessant Ewe - Cilla

Our Caramel/Brown Ouessant Sheep

We were very fortunate to have been able to source a number of caramel ewes and two caramel

rams and propose to focus particularly on breeding this colour






Our Black Ouessant Sheep

We started with just two black Ouessant ewes, but in the first year bred one ewe and two ram lambs (now wethers).

As can be seen from the numbers above, there are considerably more black Ouessants registered in the UK than there are caramel or white. We are therefore intending to use our black ewes (along with our white ewes) and a white ram to try and produce more white lambs.


We would like to breed some white animals that are genetically capable of always producing white offspring. It may take a good

few generations to see if we can achieve this from the stock that we have. We will get black lambs during the course of our efforts to breed white but will not be actively trying to breed this colour.



Arielle & Merlin (Wether) as Lambs

Billy (Wether)


Our Ouessant Rams - Past and Present


We have so far used three pedigree rams for breeding.


Samson was purchased in 2015 and sired our 2016 born lambs, Arielle, Merlin, Billy and Zak. This season he was used for breeding with our caramel ewes and will therefore be the sire of our 2017 born caramel lambs. Samson was originally one of the main breeding rams for the Tan Lan Flock and has sired many offspring. His job here now done, he has moved on to a lovely new home.


Zak was also used this season for breeding with our black and white ewes in the hope of increasing the number of white lambs born in 2017. He has also now moved on to a new home.


In 2016 we also purchased Dodger who will take over, allowing us to keep some of Samson and Zak's offspring if we want to..




All of our sheep are registered with the Ouessant Sheep Society of Great Britain.


Here are a few more pictures of our flock

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We are Members of the Ouessant Sheep Society of Great Britain

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