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Welcome to the East Yorkshire Ouessants Website.


East Yorkshire Ouessants are situated in rural East Yorkshire. We discovered these lovely little sheep quite by accident whilst trying to find a suitable way to keep the grass down in the inaccessible places on our property


We are smallholders and were immediately captivated by these tiny, extremely friendly, little sheep and bought our starter flock in November 2015.


We were extremely fortunate to have begun building our flock at exactly the time that a very experienced breeder was dispersing her flock, and we were able to source all of our animals from her, meaning that the majority of our flock comes from the well known and established

"Tan Lan" Flock. We have maintained a good relationship with the breeder and are able to access her considerable expertise when we need guidance ourselves.


We are members of the Ouessant Sheep Society of Great Britain and all of our sheep are registered.


As we begin breeding and we continue to learn more about Ouessant Sheep, we will share our progress here and also advertise any stock that

we have for sale.


We hope you enjoy our website. Please feel free to browse and share our journey.

About Ouessant Sheep

Ouessant Sheep originate from the island of Ushant, which is a small island just off the coast of Brittany, France.

Ouessant Sheep are claimed to be the smallest sheep in the world. Rams shoulder height is up to 48cm (a little over 18in) and ewes up to 45cm.


Rams have relatively large horns, and ewes are naturally hornless (polled).


Ouessants are full of character and have an unusually friendly nature. They make extremely good pets, who enjoy human interaction, and are not at all aggressive.

We would not however recommend that rams are kept as pets.


They are low maintenance, requiring much less land than other breeds, and very little if any supplementary feeding. They also make extremely good lawnmowers!

Ouessants are considered a rare breed, in fact in April 2016 the Ouessant Sheep Society of Great Britain published the below statement

confirming that DEFRA has classified the Ouessant as an “Exotic Breed at Risk”

Ouessants make great pets and are good with Kids.


They love being fussed an cuddled

Because of their small size, Ouessants generally produce only one lamb. Although there are some instances of twins, this is unusual.


They generally deliver their lambs easily, without the need for human assistance, and in all honesty, they are so small, it is unlikely that assistance could be given in the same way as for larger breeds.


They are quick to get up on their feet and become active very quickly.


Ouessant lambs are tiny, and require more protection from predators in their first few months than larger breeds.


They are extremely cute and cuddly and you will find that it is absolutely impossible not to want to make a fuss of them.

Ouessant sheep can live outside in most conditions

but do require shelter in very wet or exceptionally

stormy weather, plus somewhere shaded in hot weather.

Ouessants can be kept on a smaller acreage than other breeds and actually do better on poor grazing. They also do not require any supplemental feed except just before and after lambing.

Enchanting, Fun & Friendly Little Sheep

Ouessants mix well with other species. They not only make lovely pets, but are often bought for holiday sites, petting farms, or to take into nursery schools and retirement homes, they have many uses.


All in all they are the perfect little sheep for the small scale keeper or smallholder

But beware, they are very addictive!

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We are Members of the Ouessant Sheep Society of Great Britain

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